About Us

As a young lad I always had a love of dogs. From owning a crossbred collie for the age of 7 called Shandy who lived till the ripe old age of 15. As a teenager I purchased a rough Collie named Kelly and she was loyal family dog living again to a good age of 16. A career beckoned and studying counseling and later Social Work meant the space and time was limited. The sight of a rescued gun dog, Kane, meant dogs were back in my life and he remained a faithful and loving friend for the next five years-demanding and never quiet he woke the house up with a bang and remained to the very last day the best of dogs.
And so to Jack Russell's-my partner’s family have bred Jackies over 3 decades and trace their lineage with interest. Micky a grand old man lived till the age of 19 and died this year- a real character ! He lives on through  Midge, now 5 and we hope to continue to have Jackies running round for many years to come. With the purchase of Hattie, the line will continue through Betsy our little Jack Russell bitch pup.
And so to Westies. These  little white bundles have changed our lives completely.
Always noisy, digging up the garden and generally having  a lot of fun chasing the Geese-given the opportunity !. We hope to show and we are looking toward ring craft and brushing up our grooming skills.
We hope the site will prove interesting to those setting out on the road to showing dogs- as we hope to update and encourage others in love of dogs and showing as well, just  like we are planning to do. To us the most important thing is our dogs remain happy and contented. A life without them would be quieter - but far less enjoyable


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